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Wedevåg Tools has over 100 years of experience in manufacturing drills, milling cutters and threading tools. We know the difference the right tool can make to your productivity. In addition, we are one of the Nordic countries’ only manufacturers of and contract workshop for traction broaching – the best alternative if your series are long and the tolerances are tight. Give us a call and we will guide you to the drills, cutters and other tools that make your work flow quickly, smoothly and with a good overall economy.

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Are you looking for a specific type of drill? Are you wondering which threading tool is most effective for a particular material? Are you looking for a milling tool for a specific alloy? Since we have over 10,000 of our own cutting tools in stock and are proud resellers of both Garr Tool and Tivoly – we dare to promise that we can quickly deliver what you need. Let our experts guide you to the best overall economy. Feel free to ask us also about traction reaming and about sharpening and sharpening of tools.

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Broaching is outstanding for long series with tight tolerances. We are one of the Nordic countries only manufacturer of broaches and have a qualified workshop for contract manufacturing in broaching.



We have all types of cutting tools – drill’s, cutter’s and threaded pins for cemented carbide, HSS-Co and HSS. If you do not find what you are looking for in our wide range, we will create a special tool completely according to your needs.



We can sharpen most of your high-speed steel and cemented carbide tools on site in Vedevåg and help you save both time and money. Do not wait too long – continuous and planned maintenance always pays off in the long run.


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