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Milling cutters from Garr Tool and Wedevåg

With us you will find a complete range of milling cutters for most materials and needs. Only with us you will find the world-leading Garr Tools entire range of carbide cutters. Thanks to its CNC-grinding and Oerlikon Balzerser-coated products, you can always expect both high quality and competitive prices.

For milling cutters in high-speed steel (HSS), cobalt alloy high-speed steel (HSS-Co) and powder high-speed steel, we have our own complete range for two- and multi-track cutters and radii cutters. Are you unsure of the types of cutters that provide the best overall economy for your needs. Do not hesitate to give us a call and we will help you to the best solution.

Fredrik Oskarsson
Customer service & construction - Cutting tools
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Custom milling tools

Should we not find the perfect milling tool in our range, we design a completely tailored to your needs. Or we start from a standard tool that we modify – often a cost- and time-efficient alternative! Thanks to our own long experience and collaborations with leading partners, we produce cutters that are optimal based on your machining, material, series length, speed and so on. We love challenging missions!

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