Sharpening of tools

We sharpen your tools

We can sharpen most of your high-speed steel and carbide tools in Vedevåg and help you save valuable time. Own production of rotary tools since 1907 and traction reamer tools since 1947, also means that we have solid experience to lean on. You can also expect fast delivery times and competitive prices.

Åsa Sjöström
Sharpening service broaches
Susanne Hellsing
Sharpening service rotating tools

Sharpening your tools pays off in the long run

Continuous sharpening of tools pays off in the long run. This makes production more efficient and total economy better. But do not wait too long. Feel free to consult with your salesperson to find an optimal time for your tool service. When the time comes, we do it easily without complicated forms. Send your tools and your order and we will take care of the rest.

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