Traction reamers

Broaching - for long series

Wedevåg Tools is one of the Nordic region’s only manufacturers of traction reamers. A complete machine park is at your disposal. You get everything in broaching under the same roof and on the same invoice. 70 years of experience in the field also means that we can answer most of your questions. Welcome to contact us!

Why broaching?

Traction reaming, or broaching as it is also called, provides fantastic surface finish, tight tolerances and very high repetition accuracy. Especially if the production series are long, the production rate is high and the tolerances are small, broaching is superior to other methods. For some details, such as internal splines and keyways, traction reaming is also the only possible method of production.

Monica Lindkvist
Customer service & construction - Broaching

Lego broaching - often the best option

Do you not want to invest in your own broaching tool but still be able to take full advantage of the benefits of traction reaming? We perform the reaming you need in our modern workshop – simple, cost-effective and with high quality. Get in touch and we will produce a quote that is adapted to your needs.

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